DevOps as a Service

DevOps as a Service


In essence, DevOps is an enhancement of processes and procedures in an organization. Businesses implement cultural change by the use of collaboration tools mostly between the operations and IT departments.

DevOps-as-a-service leverages this collaboration, tool-chain pipelines, automation, and cloud adoption aiming at automating the delivery pipeline. This, in turn, ensures rapid applications onboarding. In addition, offering DevOps as a service also enables unremitting integration and ensures solutions development across several cloud platforms.

Companies use DevOps as a service to align their IT and development teams to operations of the company. This helps them achieve higher efficiency in service delivery, and there is faster time for solutions to move from development to the market.

The general quality of the software builds is very high thanks to easy identification of pertinent issues and collaboration in looking for a viable solution to the matters at hand.

When deploying DevOps as a service organization starts by assessing the practices and work culture in the organization and the look for ways to automate the delivery pipeline as well as using cloud based tools to enhance ongoing management of the solution delivery through the pipeline.

What are the common features of DevOps as a service? 

Here a few competencies that come with the deployment of DevOps as a service.

  • There is one click deployment of tools and rollback to the previous state
  • Configuration of automated alerts
  • Logs are managed from a centralized point
  • There is enhancement of infrastructural security with the use of cloud tools
  • The development of the infrastructure is a continuous process
  • There is an ongoing integration of tools and solutions into the delivery pipeline.
  • There is a disaster recovery mechanism where redundant servers are put in place to execute a fail-safe mechanism and enhance disaster recovery mechanism
  • The performance of the cloud solutions is continually monitored, and optimized. There is also continuous stress testing.

Common tools for DevOps as a service

There are several tools used in running DevOps as service the common tools include Amazon AWS and Docker. The Amazon AWS is a network of servers and cloud-based tools that provide on-demand cloud computing platform for organizations.

Docker is a software container program that lets operators run up side to side by the use of isolated containers that run isolated on a shared system. This way operators are able to increase the performance of their software tools and enhance the speed of the delivery of various apps to the marketplace.