Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Mobile Application Penetration Testing & Mobile Device Security

Nowadays mobile application can be a critical component to any business and is at the core for customers interacting with the brand, and associated services and products. Consumers spend most of their time on their smartphones and tablets while trusting to applications their sensitive and personal information.

Mobile application security and privacy is a concern for enterprises no matter how big it is. No-one wants their customer’s valuable information ending up in the wrong hands because of a faulty line of code or a vulnerable third party component. The consequences could be drastic and tragic, taking into account that brand reputation being damaged and social media being filled with negative messages by the competitors and consumers.

Mobile Applications Penetration Testing

We believe that organizations who value their users and customers, have a core responsibility of being at the fore-front of security. That is why Technologies Hive comes in to ensure that while you take care of the business, our professionals can take care of the security issues. We can help secure your mobile applications by identifying all possible security issues before the attackers do this, thus making your applications more secure and users data safe.

Technologies Hive previously has done numerous penetration testing engagements on mobile applications from various verticals such as:

  • Payments
  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Social networking
  • Enterprise internal applications and many more

Technologies Hive offers a complete security assessment and penetration testing through our unique offering of Attacker Simulated Exploitation for Mobile applications.

This involves our security team compromising your mobile application’s security with an attacker’s mindset, thus revealing any possible security holes that might would have lead to a security breach of your mobile application.

We can work with you at all the different stages of your product lifecycle:

  • Planning and pre-development phase
  • During development
  • Post-development and before launch
  • Already launched

Mobile application penetration test  includes the following scenarios:

  • Threat Modeling
  • Code modification attacks
  • Reverse Engineering and Binary security analysis
  • Outdated 3rd party libraries and SDKs identification
  • Exploiting Authorisation and Authentication based vulnerabilities
  • Logical and Business related flaws exploitation
  • Performing runtime manipulation attacks
  • Checking for root detection mechanisms
  • PII data security analysis
  • Assessing against OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities

Mobile Device Security

Technologies Hive providing not only mobile applications penetration testing services, but we can as well improve your overall mobile security in the company with help of Microsoft and various antivirus solutions. That can be very helpful and effective in companies which practice BYOD with their employees (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device).

We will help you to apply best BYOD practices and configure all required software, detect rooted devices and reduce possibility of data leakage.