Identify Vulnerabilities by using penetration testing to Bridge any Security Loophole

penetration testing

By identifying vulnerabilities we can test your ability to withstand a real-time exploits

As more and more businesses use the Internet to operate, malware threats have increased than ever before. That’s why many businesses nowadays regularly employ penetration testing services to have a secured network. The act of testing a company’s network or computer system if there are any vulnerabilities that malicious hackers can take advantage of is known as penetrating testing. This service can either be done manually or software automated. The prime objective of penetrating service is to determine your company online security vulnerabilities, and how a company’s employees are aware of and their ability to respond to security threats. There are penetration testing steps and below is an overview of some penetration testing steps:

  • Penetration testing starts from reconnaissance
  • Than follows with scanning & fingerprinting
  • Gaining access to customer’s systems
  • Maintaining access 
  • And finally covering all the loose tracks

Penetration testing requirements for PCI DSS compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance) are required by all card providers to build and maintain a strong and secure network. With the continuous appearance of these weaknesses on the system nowadays, the duty of maintaining your safety needs due diligence. The most powerful security tools such as anti-malware and firewalls applications cannot protect you from these attacks, most especially, if these applications are not up-to-date.  Security threats come up every day and a weekly update of your application can not give you a 100% secured system. To be sure that your organization website wouldn’t be at risk before it is launched on the World Wide Web, a penetration testing steps is necessary. Penetrating testing does an evaluating test on the information on your website. The process detects any security problem on the system and put together the information on a documented report. The reports gathered enables you to A presentation of the security report enables you to devise solutions through a cross-examine session. The significance of penetration testing is not just for security reasons but for determining the success of your venture as well. A guaranteed system assures maximum output and a decrease in maintenance costs. Business wise, securing your website helps you to prevent huge financial loss through online fraud. Web sites are very vulnerable to internet hackers, which may cost you a lot due to unreliable computing processes. Penetration testing services can detect several issues which are important in keeping your system secured. These vulnerabilities may depend on the nature and effects on your computing system. Some weakness directly appears when creating the website. There are some situations where a weakness problem still has no solution. Through penetration testing, you these error-causing defects can be handled while you wait for security vendors to provide appropriate solutions. Shortlist of cases when better to execute penetration testing:

  • Scheduled analysis and assessments are required by regulatory mandates
  • New network infrastructure or applications were added
  • Significant upgrades or modifications to infrastructure or applications were applied
  • End-user policies were modified
  • New office locations were established
  • Your company IT was significantly changed

Technologies Hive can offer you complete penetration testing services to help identify system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures and provide a detailed remediation roadmap as well. We are using latest and up to date tools, classifications and specifications. Our custom methodology was proved and checked with time and experience, with each sucessfully completed project we have improved our both manual and automated penetation testing methodologies. Technologies Hive perfoms penetration testing in 3 models:

  • Black box – simulating real external intruder with nearly zero  details about the target
  • Gray box – you can provide us some kind of information
  • White box – we have full access to everything you want to check

After all tests have finished and final report is ready – we sending you an encrypted and password protected archive with customly built report cotaining all the testing results with detailed descriptions, proof of conepts, screenshots/videos, references and remediations.