Money Transfer Management System is a web-based solution that offers remittance payment services throughout the Europe, United States and many African and Asian countries.

The customer was a small but growing company that offers the most competitive and reliable remittance payment services to the general public around the world. The system developed by another software development service provider was characterized by a poor architecture logic and lack of using object-oriented programming (OOP). With the expansion of the system functionality, it sooner became hard to implement any modifications. Thus, the customer could not provide a good service continuously.

To help the customer streamline their remittance services and improve the customer service, out team accomplished the following tasks by delivering a highly scalable, maintainable and secure system in the end:

  • Code refactoring with the usage of OOP paradigms for the ease of code support.
  • Integration with the SMS messaging application (provided by yakoon) by using the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) technology.
  • Introduction of the Compliance officer and Institution access levels.
  • Modification of the logic of commission rates calculation, which resulted in more flexible financial policies towards business partners and clients.
  • Attachment of necessary files to a system client by using AJAX.
  • A number of other minor enhancements, including finalization of accounts payable and accounts receivable reports; support of multiple remittance types; assignment of unique identifying reference numbers for all branch users, and many more.

Technologies used

Back-end: PHP & MySQL

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript