We were providing professional security services for U.S. Government Agency.

The project was long term and consisted of 3 steps:

  1. Vulnerability Assessement & Penetration Testing of internal and external infrastructure
  2. Security consultancy for possible security improvements and help with security policy creation & saff training
  3. Security Operational Center organization & SIEM system implementation

During execution of VA and Pentests over 100+ critical vulnerabilities were found and fixed, over 3 security audits were passed.

For our customer we also developed special security training courses for staff to improve their knowledges in the field of Information Security, helped to obtain SANS Security Awareness Certificates for each employee and integrate Identity and Access Security Management Service.

After two most critical parts of the project were finished, we have started to implement Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) to ensure customer’s full infrastructure security monitoring and critical events alerting. As an addition we helped configure SIEM correlation rules and reporting.

Project lasted for nearly year with excellent results in the end, project fulfill and customer satisfaction.