Technologies Hive specializes in business software development and creates both large enterprise business software, and small bespoke software applications for custom needs. Our experience allows us to create applications with high performance with the use of Microsoft .Net, C++, PHP, C#, Java, Flex, Delphi, Linux/Unix, and other technologies, programming languages and platforms. Software experts of EffectiveSoft deliver business software solutions with leading-edge functionality and maximum outcome.


Our services include enterprise software development and small bespoke applications development. Enterprise application software (EAS), we create, is intended to meet business requirements of large companies and organizations.

Enterprise business software solutions we offer

  • Content and document management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Web content management systems (CMS)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Workflow management and supply chain management
  • Payment and billing systems, web portals
  • Backup software, large web portals, and many more

If you need small software modified specially for custom business and cannot find off-the-shelf alternative, EffectiveSoft is ready to solve your issues problems and assist you with bespoke solution. To create a bespoke software solution, targeted for specific needs of a small business, EffectiveSoft Company will analyze all possible ways to achieve the best result for your firm. Small business software is offered as a full-fledged solution, which includes all necessary functionality with one program.

Small business solutions

  • Resource management, product management systems
  • Workshop management systems
  • Web and desktop business software
  • Job management software and others
  • HRM and CRM software
  • Mobile software applications
  • Financial solutions

Application software development for small business is available at EffectiveSoft Software Company. Small business solutions are essential to optimize routes, to schedule personnel resources, and to consolidate necessary information. EffectiveSoft Company possesses enough recourses to develop flexible, fast, and cost-effective bespoke solutions.

Benefits for customers

Sometimes an expensive and off-the-shelf solution does not meet customer’s needs. We apply an individual approach to every client. It is not an easy task to customize MS Exchange Outlook or SharePoint Services, but small business applications can be a perfect choice for solving your specific business tasks.

  • Small business software solutions have higher performance and they are easy to create
  • The costs of a small solution are affordable and reasonable
  • The duration and costs of software development are reduced
  • Small business software will increase your company’s operational productivity
  • Bespoke software is a long-time investment for a client’s custom business