Our Expertise

Our expertise embraces both complex desktop software and mobile application development for various healthcare organizations, whether small medical offices or large-scale healthcare establishments.

Our Healthcare Solutions

  • Imaging/visualization software

    We create solutions that enable high-quality analysis and visualization of medical images such as MRI, PET, CT, etc. and easily share the results.


  • Medical data management solutions

    • Medical records
    • Patient registration
    • Financial accounting
    • Insurance claims processing
    • Laboratory information system
    • Inventory management
    • Pharmacy management, etc.


  • Medical websites and custom healthcare CMS

    We’ve been providing web solutions for the healthcare industry for many years. We apply our expertise and knowledge in creating solid and effective medical websites and CMSs. Our experts will help you to make a positive impression on your potential visitors (patients) on the web.


  • Healthcare data analysis

    Technologies Hive experts will develop an effective solution that consolidates great amounts of administrative and clinical data into meaningful information.


  • Healthcare CRM

    We can provide CRM solutions for healthcare organizations and hospitals to stay in contact with their patients, and with other organizations.


  • Mobile apps for medical staff

    Our company have solid expertise in the development of mobile solutions for healthcare professionals that perform a wide range of tasks:

    • information and time management;
    • patient records maintenance and access;
    • patient monitoring;
    • clinical data sharing;
    • communication between medical staff;
    • clinical decision-making;
    • education and training.


  • Mobile applications for patients

    We create patient-oriented mobile solutions that will help you to:

    • connect with your patients,
    • manage appointments,
    • track health,
    • share lab results,
    • provide remote care,
    • enhance patient engagement.