White Box Security Audit

White Box Security Audit

White box security audit

Different scenarios can come into play when one is trying to gain access to a system. The first scenario is where the hacker does not know the internal specifications of the system and uses different methods to gain access.

The second scenario is where the hacker knows the internal procedures, security tools, and policies. White box security audit takes the approach of a hacker who knows about the system and is trying to manipulate different tools to gain access to a specified location. White box testing is done to help the company prepare for insider threats.

From people who are already working with the system or a case of a hacker who has already received in-depth system information. Unlike black and grey testing, white testing may reveal many vulnerabilities that are not accessible to people out of the system.

Moreover, since the testing team has access to every tool that the company relies on to enhance its network security, white box testing is the best way to find if these tools are indeed capable of stopping an attack or there are loopholes in the system that need to be patched.

White box testing also goes beyond the traditional boundaries for testing to other areas such a security audit of the source code, review of the application design and a look at various scripts and process documents. When these audits are done in a live environment, the IT experts can discover hidden flaws in the system.

The steps of the white box security audit


This is a wide scale inspection of all the relevant components of an IT system. The testers assess the system to determine which areas require a deeper investigation.


One or a few areas that were found to be weak during the assessment are now checked more thoroughly. While the test is not very deep, it goes deeper into sub-categories and medium subsections of the IT components.


Where a few components of the IT system are found to be vulnerable, the team undertakes a deeper analysis of the component. At this point, the analysis may be done to a given code, item in the process or access codes for the administrator.

White box security audit is the only way you can tell that your system is truly secure and that hackers cannot play around with the IT components for malicious purposes or restricted access information. It goes beyond the traditional black box security audit that is known to give false positives and sense of security that the system cannot be penetrated.